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Search Engine Optimisation – Top 4 Myths


To ensure your SEO strategy is effective, it’s vital to know that the SEO of today is vastly different from that of yesterday, as it operates in a constantly adapting environment. This constant change has led to a vast variety of misconceptions about SEO best practice, which often prevents businesses from gaining optimal SEO results.

Take a look at some critical misconceptions that are of concern in today’s SEO environment and make sure your strategy is using up-to-date best practices.

SEO Myth 1: Keyword Density

In the early days of SEO, keyword usage was the prime factor used by search engines for relevancy and ranking. As is usually the case in the SEO industry, webmasters and writers began to abuse this technique by stuffing their content with as many instances of a keyword as possible. This led to unnatural sounding content that wasn’t written with the reader in mind and search engines quickly caught on. Nowadays, search algorithms use a huge variety of factors (many of which are unknown to webmasters) to rank and often penalise sites that appear too spammy due to keyword stuffing.

SEO Myth 2: Content Marketing Has Replaced SEO

Although it’s true that quality content is vital to a successful SEO strategy, it’s only one part of the bigger picture. On-page, off-site and technical SEO all work together to help bring users to your site and your content is what engages them and encourages them to stay.

SEO Myth 3: Paid Ads Boost Organic Search

No evidence exists to suggest that paid advertising affects organic search results. This is likely because the big search engines, like Google and Yahoo, try to prevent this, as it goes against their business model. In the early days, search engines were funded purely by paid ads and search engines exploited this to increase revenue. This led to a poor user experience as users were bombarded with advertising instead of relevant organic results. Today, the primary goal of search engines, like Google, is to provide a superior user experience, so the ratio of paid and organic search results is carefully managed.

SEO Myth 4: SEO only Needs to be Done Once

As mentioned earlier, SEO operates in an ever-changing environment and must constantly be adapted. The Google search algorithm is updated many times a year, so an SEO strategy that you implemented in January may no longer be effective in December. It’s vital to continually evaluate your SEO results to ensure your efforts remain effective and to update your strategy whenever you notice otherwise.


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July 12, 2018 |
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